enter the ninja

oh. jaz.



jaz (fill in the blanks). jes.

and kyle [with the voiceover]

watchout we're starting a dance crew.

virus-free virals

blah, blah, blah, we helped lolli make these virals for apple, and jaz was 'mac': the personification of apple, the man impervious to disease.

he bitched like a little girl and wouldn't run around in biohazard zones, or juggle with test tubes of ebola, or snuggle up next to a TB patient, like we originally wanted him to do for the films. so we wound up with these instead.

sorry to disappoint.

leave mean comments hating on the fool yoh!

click em to go to youtube and see the other two virals in the series. or just click these links:

ten second rule
bar peanuts

do not the language neglect not

gooi it bokkie
met ys, ja!

we did this series of posters to promote the 2009 pendoring awards as well as their perennial cause: use of the afrikaans language in advertising.
it's pretty simple: we directly translated a bunch of iconic advertising catchphrases from their original afrikaans into english so as to demonstrate how incomprehensibly impotent and bizarre they would’ve been sonder die taal.
oh, then we totally anti-art directed them to make it even more comically ridiculous.
btw, the pay-off line 'moenie die taal akskeep nie' used at the bottom is the official one - we didn't make it up.

- go hit them to see the full sizes and another one at flickr
- oh yeah, sorry for being away for so long.


'arvey st. claire


just a little piece i thought i'd put up from my harvey st. claire project


the four one was eight


a little piece of this over-ambitious project i went and set myself. watch out. if i succeed there'll be one main-oke sized update on the 11th of november. massive. i swear.

they look a little small. there are bigger versions at flickr if you actually wanna see them

jesse is starving.


bekhoz your first idea is never your best

so. this might seem juvenile to you. it is. but bear with us. there is a gigantic piece of 'paper' painted onto the copy room wall. complete with no perspective. or artistic merit. it was a bad idea. we protested but were over-ruled. it went up anyway.

we have now made our protest. in satire. a massive sappi paper recycling bin has been erected/pasted alongside this piece of 'paper'. yes, it is a hint. and just to make sure it wasn't too childish, we've disguised it as a cute little ambient advert for sappi recycling. with the lovely little line: bekhoz your first idea is never your best.

apologies if all this isn't entirely clear in the vid, we whacked it together in a moment, and figured we'd let the write up make it less bizarre. hope it did.

oh, we'll pop this on youtube soon, vega's just being a power fail with the internet atm, and appears to have shut down youtube. flickr will have to do for now.
love mong