don't laugh

oh, i wish i could to say that this was my contribution to south african politics, but it isn't. it was someone else's.

kraft can't touch this

well. with a decent cash and shares offer i'll think about it.


yes. i've made my own chocolate. it is the best chocolate in the world. if you hold your breath long enough i will start making it in little pug-shaped molds.

watch out. kholkhoz chocolate is coming.


this is dillon


and he opened a cafe/restaurant. to prove it, here's a picture of his hand making coffee. and below that is a picture of his sister jessica wiping the machine. well, her hand at least. she's behind the incredible food they serve. not physically - she's a chef, comedian, and purveyor of the finest chocolate cake in existence.
and now there's a website. okay, more like an online business card. but it fits wonderfully on an iPhone. i'll make something better soon.

or in a while.


this restaurant/cafe is called burnside's. it's in craighall. and they serve the best food in jo'burg. and the second best coffee (the best is at my house). their details are on this business card (click the image for the big/readable version at flickr):


that number is no longer correct. call 011 326 3970 from now on. that's not my fault though. they're open for dinner on thursday and friday for now. take someone special. you'll get action. book in advance. it's a good idea.

but. you ask yourself: how does this relate to the kholkhoz? no, we haven't just become a cheap mouthpiece indiscriminately punting whatever trendy eatery for fame and untold fortune, no... this is relevant because i like coffee. and because i designed burnside's awesome menus and stationery. go give them a look. but please, don't roll, bend or wet them. they're uncoated. and i will feel inclined to end you. on the spot.