swings and roundabouts

not much to this one
just wanted to say hello
with a bad haiku

the tables have turned. i am in jhb being an intern. and jes is in cape town not.
say hi to him and give him a kiss, hug or free beer. kyle, our delightful man with the internet plan, is there too. so no big updates for a few weeks.
don't weep. just sniffle. and buy a copy of 'fortywords' by me. or anything by milan kundera. or that paul auster book for it's cover. it'll keep you company until we return with a photo update and a video, and perhaps even a poster campaign to get us to europe. who knows?


just in time for christmas!

we're branching out into the fantastically lucrative world of publishing. here's our first title - fortywords, by me - it was made with love, late nights and macdonalds. and the hand-stitched binding can be unpicked and the book displayed as a seventy-six-tych across a wall - or similar flat surface. imagine that.


just to convince you. here's the blurb off the back:

inspiration as inspired by forty words. neither grand nor majestic, but insolent and irreverent. reading this won’t change your life, but looking at it might. somewhere between random and conceptual, nothing is ever entirely revealed, but pulling it apart might get you closer together. made in one go. printed in two. enjoy it for what it is. or mock it for what it isn’t. let it inspire you, or show it to someone who does. pop it on your table, then put your coffee on it. it’s a coffee table book...

and you can’t hurt its feelings.


here's an ebook version just to give you something to do with your bandwidth this month. oh, the book's gonna sell for 375 zar (they're printed to order, c'mon), but as we all know, a smile and quiet word might get you a discount. maybe. just email kholkhozcollective@live.com if you're the kinda person who's not too bothered about value for money.

ebook versionebook versionebook version


okay. remember way back when on the 6th of october? when i posted this?
the four one was eight? okay you might not, but i mentioned that there was gonna be one - and i quote - main-oke sized update on the 11th of nov if i succeeded. well, there was no update on the 11th, but i did succeed. (refer to two posts below for reasons why there was no such update)

so. here is the update, belated as it is, that was promised:

i made a book. it's called fortywords.

(mention, because they won't let me work without doing it: daniella & chelsea. there. happy?)



back with a book

yes. we've been gone for long. once again, apologies.

well we're back.

i've been making a book and jes has made a movie (these are broad terms and we use them in the broadest sense)

so, here - in truly contrived fashion - is a pic of the raddest book cover i've seen in ages. i have no idea what the book's about, but i'm determined to buy it just to look at it. reading is for fools.

it's the faber firsts edition and is designed by jonathan gray. look.

the best cover. for now.