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jesse (konrad) coetsee

yes after many years of discussion, chad and i came to the same conclusion, and it fills the subject matter of our latest conjoined novel aptly titled "being non-rich, a life choice" we simply realised our predicament of not having any money and attributed to the fact the we both have decided to live without it, a decision that was made as simply as burning down your parents tool shed as a child. we made this decision after literal hours of inner turmoil and self reflection and it freed us of so many things like doubt, want and hope for the future.

chad (wedge) goddard

exactly, i probably couldn't have said it better, even if i were writing it myself. feeling unburdened by ambition, accepting that being non-rich means you simply have less money, becomes a liberating moment in your life. throwing off the shackles of cash-insecurity gives you so much more time to consider alternative, healthier ways of validating your existence and overcoming your debilitating lack of self-confidence. for instance, choosing to be non-rich has given me more time to get in touch with my poor self, budget wisely, feel working-class and cry more. never feeling obliged to statements like 'i will' or having to focus on pesky irrelevancies like progress, competition or promotion has afforded me greater thinking time, opening my mind up to the possibility of one day starting the sequel to this novel, i might call it "being non-commital, a life choice".


pug in an all star

had to post this.

in case jesse didn't. and i'm getting tired of mailing it to everyone individually.

not the greatest shot. but shit this is olive. we could just describe it to you and that'd be good enough.


happy new year

konrad's at ogilvy. i'm at hunt. and this is in london.

and i have a wallet. and a new pen.

whats the story

the story is as follows, i, konrad start at ogilvy today. this very day, and chad has been working at hunt and will continue to do so, so that's why i'm posing the question.

what the fuck is going to happen to the blog! it might just devolve into a sort of place where we just post funny shit that we discover at work or in our jacket pockets after an awesome party, but yes i just don't know, and i'm scared, i'm scared for the future chad.


my last image fucked out for some reason, so ill post this photo of two gay ol' sailors, sigh the way things used to be *sniff

and photo credits go to some homo that was at this bar taking photos of his pals who probably got shot the fuck up in pearl harbour.