post 100

a century. and it gets marked with the first real, from scratch tv ad i've ever made.

hope it doesn't make you whack the tele on mute and talk to everyone else in the room about how bad tv ads are. you predictable toss.

there is a director's cut. maybe i'll post it someday. it's a lot, shall we say, softer.


its friday

pug life

this was taken at my new place of work, the content bar.

its fucken nice here.

and pug friendly.


New Track Coming Soon.


After his accidental arrest and then recent release from a small argentinian prison, Joachim will be releasing a new track.

He states "I have had much time to do thinking and reflections in my 3 and a half days in the jails, and im believing my new song is an encapsulation of this time."