brosef kony

so if you're one of the one-hundred-and-ninety-fuckpile-three-hundred-and-twenty-shitload-and-ten people that have passed on or bought into this video. pleasus christ give the one below a cold hard view.
firstly because it's funny. and mostly because it's not 30 dickcrushing minutes long.
and lastly because charlie brooker wrote it. which should mean something to you. if it doesn't you are incomplete and should really work on getting a personality.


at last

thanks fuck mercy tits it's over.
the d&ad new creative entry kyle and i crafted to within an inch of its two-dimensional life is finally packaged and ready to be out of our lives. until loeries.

and here's the bubble-wrapped, brown-papered, trace-sleeved, cardboard-casketted, magic-taped bastard to prove it.

at last




just another sub standard piece of work because im bored out of my skull thinking about the point of existing...

and i couldn't find one so i just needed to distract myself and waste approx 2 hours of work time.