that guy: the pitch


one three-part cinematic artpiece.
two foreign film audio tracks.
three new german names.
four loerie nominations.
five-star performances.
six days in cape town.
and an update seven weeks overdue...

...are the numerically-ordered set of facts that herald the long-awaited return to cinema advertising for the kholkhoz.

the final ad may or may not have been produced by now, but here's the pitch for the new ster-kinekor vision mission ad. in three parts. strat. storyboard. extension.

watch. they're fun. they're hd. and there's a solid minute of pug footage hidden in there too.

to avoid being confused by the initial english section of the next video, think in english again. and it might be worth explaining that all the people in our presentation weren't allowed in unless they received a 'that guy' or 'not that guy' sticker. the process was the same as we proposed it would be in actual cinemas. to get a 'not that guy' sticker you had to donate 2.50zar.

we'll stick the finished ad up as soon as it's done.

credit: debussy, clair de lune. the audio track from the lives of others. the german audio track from the unbearable lightness of being. danke.

and an extra special thanks goes to eleni labrou. she drew our storyboard. exactly as we had imagined it. in record time. in a coffee shop. and with the sweetest smile. thanks.


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