i sometimes wonder

sometimes i ask myself

but then again i'm not a strike-while-the-iron's-hot kinda guy.


post 100

a century. and it gets marked with the first real, from scratch tv ad i've ever made.

hope it doesn't make you whack the tele on mute and talk to everyone else in the room about how bad tv ads are. you predictable toss.

there is a director's cut. maybe i'll post it someday. it's a lot, shall we say, softer.


its friday

pug life

this was taken at my new place of work, the content bar.

its fucken nice here.

and pug friendly.


New Track Coming Soon.


After his accidental arrest and then recent release from a small argentinian prison, Joachim will be releasing a new track.

He states "I have had much time to do thinking and reflections in my 3 and a half days in the jails, and im believing my new song is an encapsulation of this time."


the future, from the past



so i found this shot of a french bulldog

also referred to as a pug with sonar.
actually i didn't find it. someone else did. then they awarded it a runner-up in some competition. well, not the picture. i imagine they awarded the photographer, someone called taida tarabulas.


pissing all over everyone else

normally i find water sports pretty limp-wristed. or dirty.
but this changes things.

and as kyle would put it, best watched in the splendour of full hd.


stop feeling sorry for yourself

it's probably getting in the way.


i'd be on cell c if trevor had done this

but he didn't.

now get the fuck outta my chair.

i'd like my name in capitals

even though this blog runs the risk of becoming one of those hipster crap piles of other peoples' work. this is almost worth it.



this is

wieden+kennedy just being awesome again.


in honour of all that makes no sense

i've posted this.

so that i can brag about 3 loerie nominations. yes you may congratulate konrad and i.


skinny mini pig

in moments of deep personal darkness fueled by endless self-doubt i wonder if doing another pug post on this blog will help.

so. i stopped wondering and did it. now i know that it doesn't help.

a cockney gentleman once informed me of the only difference between a grave and a rut. in a grave, the ends are closer.

oh, well here's two pugs. the little one is only two months old but has already invented the faecal cluster bomb. little genius.


click the images to be transported elsewhwere. i was feeling artistic and cropped them as portrait here. there's a whole landscape world to these images waiting to be discovered at flickr.
and there's two more shots just to spice up an already stinging hot offer.


my pleasure mike.

happy birthday mike


and just cos it's from a vending machine doesn't mean it's last-minute.


its my birthday tomorrow.


and what better way to celebrate with an annoyingly large post!

seriously though i have no idea what to do about it so i'm probably just gonna do some stupid pub bullshit! or just have it next week.


using a business card as helicopter skids

is about the most creative thing i've done in the last few days. months.

but i won't show you that. instead here's a video by someone else. it was too cool/bizarre not to post. besides, april needs something. and jesse's in the algarve loving life. so don't expect much.


i was asked to describe myself this weekend...

all i had was generally cool mother fucker

can someone please say corporate identity?


in the absence of any real work of my own

here's some fantastically coordinated girls dancing. to a song that makes me feel like i'm exempt from responsibility.

feel like a kid in a classic film.


justice crackmillan

proving that every wider global incident is nothing more than a fractal of smaller human interactions, this fat kid (proletariat) libya's (verb) this annoying little dipshit richboy (dictator).

in fact i like to think this is where the term 'overthrow' was derived from.


i really looove drawing divorce comics

best line i've heard all day. and week. and month.


i've got it

the latest motivational
tome from the kholkhoz

"uncompromisingly average" the guardian
"everything we've already heard before" daily mail

well this is it. the next book. the sequel to the unprecedented failure that was 'being non-rich: a life choice'. on the back of this overwhelming insight we've decided to delay the publication of the rumoured follow-up, 'being non-commital: a life choice' and instead bring you the thing everyone's been waiting for.

your gran wanted it, her gran wanted it, everyone that has ever lived wanted it. the answer. yes. we bring you the answer.

in this book we investigate the meaning of life. for a short while. then we enlighten and uplift with a barrage of semi-considered assumptions. hinged on the notion that life is nothing more than a revolving cycle of attempted guilt nullification we take the reader on a journey from one cover all the way to another. 190 pages of blistering eyesore that is effective proof of its own core message: that we must have all done something really bad in a past life and it is this overwhelming sense of residual guilt that compels us to do knowingly stupid things that will ultimately leave us weeping in agony. like actually reading the book.

buy now and we'll throw in a copy of 'being non-rich: a life choice' by the kholkhoz for almost no extra cost.


crunchy pug

well i'm not sure how good this actually is. but it does have a pug in it.
which, if history is anything to go by, is qualifying criterion enough to appear here.

yes. i know. this has become something of a joke. but at least it's funny.


soon to be on shelves


jesse (konrad) coetsee

yes after many years of discussion, chad and i came to the same conclusion, and it fills the subject matter of our latest conjoined novel aptly titled "being non-rich, a life choice" we simply realised our predicament of not having any money and attributed to the fact the we both have decided to live without it, a decision that was made as simply as burning down your parents tool shed as a child. we made this decision after literal hours of inner turmoil and self reflection and it freed us of so many things like doubt, want and hope for the future.

chad (wedge) goddard

exactly, i probably couldn't have said it better, even if i were writing it myself. feeling unburdened by ambition, accepting that being non-rich means you simply have less money, becomes a liberating moment in your life. throwing off the shackles of cash-insecurity gives you so much more time to consider alternative, healthier ways of validating your existence and overcoming your debilitating lack of self-confidence. for instance, choosing to be non-rich has given me more time to get in touch with my poor self, budget wisely, feel working-class and cry more. never feeling obliged to statements like 'i will' or having to focus on pesky irrelevancies like progress, competition or promotion has afforded me greater thinking time, opening my mind up to the possibility of one day starting the sequel to this novel, i might call it "being non-commital, a life choice".


pug in an all star

had to post this.

in case jesse didn't. and i'm getting tired of mailing it to everyone individually.

not the greatest shot. but shit this is olive. we could just describe it to you and that'd be good enough.


happy new year

konrad's at ogilvy. i'm at hunt. and this is in london.

and i have a wallet. and a new pen.

whats the story

the story is as follows, i, konrad start at ogilvy today. this very day, and chad has been working at hunt and will continue to do so, so that's why i'm posing the question.

what the fuck is going to happen to the blog! it might just devolve into a sort of place where we just post funny shit that we discover at work or in our jacket pockets after an awesome party, but yes i just don't know, and i'm scared, i'm scared for the future chad.


my last image fucked out for some reason, so ill post this photo of two gay ol' sailors, sigh the way things used to be *sniff

and photo credits go to some homo that was at this bar taking photos of his pals who probably got shot the fuck up in pearl harbour.