well how's this for pseudo-intel shoulder-rubbing. we (i) went to joburg fashion week. wait. audi joburg fashion week. they paid big money for that. i got a free ticket and macdonalds and a beer. so all in all it was good.

my favourites were a candyfloss wedding dress and the pot-plant from a gypsey's houseboat. but what i loved most about it was the publicly condoned voyeurism that rendered even the worst stalker's drop-jawed dribbling stare as the most admirable connoisseur appreciation. this is a good thing.

i say all these things but only got a photo of the logo. what can i say. i was too busy appreciating.

audi joburg fashion week

for the real audi joburg fashion week scoop and a hearty laugh, hit this link to Oxé's blog. you should do this. it is good for you.


i will make right

holy ben affleck it's a post from jes. but seriously though i haven't posted for a very long time because i've being doing a whole lot of sweet fokol, i know right?

i've been in cape town and its been too real hey, the roadtrip was incredible and i suggest it to everyone and anyone planning on going to cape town. drive there.

on tidier notes, i've made a pretty neat moleskine journal of cape town and so i'll probably put up an ebook of it when i get home, but yeah cape town is the business i'm enjoying but i'll be glad to get back. a lot of cool things will be happening i'm sure when the year starts properly

oh and i added music to the blog, viel spaß!