you've heard this before. in book for student d&ad.

i won an In Book award for student d&ad. yes, it has been mentioned before. but now i have something for you to look at.
no, not another pug. just the work this time. sorry to disappoint.

click to see the campaign at the d&ad site.

thanks to certain people for their invaluable help. raph, shelley, nick, shakera. thanks.

and a particular thank you to angie. my wee little sister. who ran all around london to print & mount, and then got lost delivering my work just in time for the deadline.
thank you.


in book but no cigar

well i didn't get one of those. but remember the last pug you got? when i finished d&ad? well, scroll some more and there'll be another. a celebratory pug, if you will. because although i didn't get a pencil, i did get In Book for that entry. which isn't too bad either. here it is from bizcommunity's mouth. (wedgethemong is chad for those of you not yet in the know)

i'll upload the work as soon as i'm allowed to. here's your pug.

cappuccino pug