i beat kyle at fifa 09 today

here it is, finished, the labour of a campaign and alot of time between coming up with creative concepts and smoking cigarettes

oh yes it was for arup engineering, and its small chad wil fix it later

- chad has fixed it.

oh creds where they're due: backing track = foals, big big love (fig. 2), off antidotes.
and the magnificent voice over is by mr. mnet (real name to follow soon)

- thanks chad
- you're a darling
- hope your not too ill
- have a safe flight home
- im at college
- its lame


from july at august in september

lollyenter the ninja

a few images from the exhibition nick and jaz (fill in the blanks - they're linked under the soviets, stop reading this and go there instead) had at august house in early july.

they're super grainy, but i'll pretend it was the effect i was going for - fast film 'n all, what can one do.

hit one to go see some more at flickr

angie had a birthday


indeed she did - happy birthday yoh!

well got a few shots, there's a couple more on flickr - click any of these to go see them.

if you can actually be bothered, of course


ever get the feeling you just wanna kill yourself

we're now about.. +/- 6 days away from finishing campaigns and i think i might miss this whole "having a reason to welcome death", don't know why? could be all the late nights, bonding sessions, blurred vision, fits of rage and all the drama that goes with it

but before this starts sounding like steven spielberg's "saving private ryan" im going to be pretty excited for its end, because it's been fun but i literally feel like i'm about to turn into a zombie, kill and eat the flesh of every other student there is in this building



just campaigning around

so this is my next 'practice' the kinetic video that will hopefully go somewhere


also jesse is such a sharp sounding name, i'd rather be called charlie



infact i really have very little to say, the image is just doing it all for me.


paper machete

so i have a kinetic type video to do pretty soon, but i've never touched after effects before so this was the labour of an all-nighter just for practice

its not too great but at the same time i don't think is particularly disgusting


ambient media


the 1,2,3 guide to successful PR

watch out for a pennyfarthing...