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"uncompromisingly average" the guardian
"everything we've already heard before" daily mail

well this is it. the next book. the sequel to the unprecedented failure that was 'being non-rich: a life choice'. on the back of this overwhelming insight we've decided to delay the publication of the rumoured follow-up, 'being non-commital: a life choice' and instead bring you the thing everyone's been waiting for.

your gran wanted it, her gran wanted it, everyone that has ever lived wanted it. the answer. yes. we bring you the answer.

in this book we investigate the meaning of life. for a short while. then we enlighten and uplift with a barrage of semi-considered assumptions. hinged on the notion that life is nothing more than a revolving cycle of attempted guilt nullification we take the reader on a journey from one cover all the way to another. 190 pages of blistering eyesore that is effective proof of its own core message: that we must have all done something really bad in a past life and it is this overwhelming sense of residual guilt that compels us to do knowingly stupid things that will ultimately leave us weeping in agony. like actually reading the book.

buy now and we'll throw in a copy of 'being non-rich: a life choice' by the kholkhoz for almost no extra cost.


crunchy pug

well i'm not sure how good this actually is. but it does have a pug in it.
which, if history is anything to go by, is qualifying criterion enough to appear here.

yes. i know. this has become something of a joke. but at least it's funny.