swings and roundabouts

not much to this one
just wanted to say hello
with a bad haiku

the tables have turned. i am in jhb being an intern. and jes is in cape town not.
say hi to him and give him a kiss, hug or free beer. kyle, our delightful man with the internet plan, is there too. so no big updates for a few weeks.
don't weep. just sniffle. and buy a copy of 'fortywords' by me. or anything by milan kundera. or that paul auster book for it's cover. it'll keep you company until we return with a photo update and a video, and perhaps even a poster campaign to get us to europe. who knows?


just in time for christmas!

we're branching out into the fantastically lucrative world of publishing. here's our first title - fortywords, by me - it was made with love, late nights and macdonalds. and the hand-stitched binding can be unpicked and the book displayed as a seventy-six-tych across a wall - or similar flat surface. imagine that.


just to convince you. here's the blurb off the back:

inspiration as inspired by forty words. neither grand nor majestic, but insolent and irreverent. reading this won’t change your life, but looking at it might. somewhere between random and conceptual, nothing is ever entirely revealed, but pulling it apart might get you closer together. made in one go. printed in two. enjoy it for what it is. or mock it for what it isn’t. let it inspire you, or show it to someone who does. pop it on your table, then put your coffee on it. it’s a coffee table book...

and you can’t hurt its feelings.


here's an ebook version just to give you something to do with your bandwidth this month. oh, the book's gonna sell for 375 zar (they're printed to order, c'mon), but as we all know, a smile and quiet word might get you a discount. maybe. just email kholkhozcollective@live.com if you're the kinda person who's not too bothered about value for money.

ebook versionebook versionebook version


okay. remember way back when on the 6th of october? when i posted this?
the four one was eight? okay you might not, but i mentioned that there was gonna be one - and i quote - main-oke sized update on the 11th of nov if i succeeded. well, there was no update on the 11th, but i did succeed. (refer to two posts below for reasons why there was no such update)

so. here is the update, belated as it is, that was promised:

i made a book. it's called fortywords.

(mention, because they won't let me work without doing it: daniella & chelsea. there. happy?)



back with a book

yes. we've been gone for long. once again, apologies.

well we're back.

i've been making a book and jes has made a movie (these are broad terms and we use them in the broadest sense)

so, here - in truly contrived fashion - is a pic of the raddest book cover i've seen in ages. i have no idea what the book's about, but i'm determined to buy it just to look at it. reading is for fools.

it's the faber firsts edition and is designed by jonathan gray. look.

the best cover. for now.


everywhere is a little bit shit

this isn't an update. don't get your knickers in an excited twist.

it's an apology. we know we haven't uploaded anything in the last few weeks. we suck.

we've been busy. very. there'll be a bunch of the most devastatingly br00tal work going up soon. it's true. we have no modesty.

it'll be on it's way asap, just got a few loose ends to tie. on the noose we're gonna string the IT dept up with. they have shut down uploads. entirely. so they're to blame for our absence too.

until later then. go build something.


enter the ninja

oh. jaz.



jaz (fill in the blanks). jes.

and kyle [with the voiceover]

watchout we're starting a dance crew.

virus-free virals

blah, blah, blah, we helped lolli make these virals for apple, and jaz was 'mac': the personification of apple, the man impervious to disease.

he bitched like a little girl and wouldn't run around in biohazard zones, or juggle with test tubes of ebola, or snuggle up next to a TB patient, like we originally wanted him to do for the films. so we wound up with these instead.

sorry to disappoint.

leave mean comments hating on the fool yoh!

click em to go to youtube and see the other two virals in the series. or just click these links:

ten second rule
bar peanuts

do not the language neglect not

gooi it bokkie
met ys, ja!

we did this series of posters to promote the 2009 pendoring awards as well as their perennial cause: use of the afrikaans language in advertising.
it's pretty simple: we directly translated a bunch of iconic advertising catchphrases from their original afrikaans into english so as to demonstrate how incomprehensibly impotent and bizarre they would’ve been sonder die taal.
oh, then we totally anti-art directed them to make it even more comically ridiculous.
btw, the pay-off line 'moenie die taal akskeep nie' used at the bottom is the official one - we didn't make it up.

- go hit them to see the full sizes and another one at flickr
- oh yeah, sorry for being away for so long.


'arvey st. claire


just a little piece i thought i'd put up from my harvey st. claire project


the four one was eight


a little piece of this over-ambitious project i went and set myself. watch out. if i succeed there'll be one main-oke sized update on the 11th of november. massive. i swear.

they look a little small. there are bigger versions at flickr if you actually wanna see them

jesse is starving.


bekhoz your first idea is never your best

so. this might seem juvenile to you. it is. but bear with us. there is a gigantic piece of 'paper' painted onto the copy room wall. complete with no perspective. or artistic merit. it was a bad idea. we protested but were over-ruled. it went up anyway.

we have now made our protest. in satire. a massive sappi paper recycling bin has been erected/pasted alongside this piece of 'paper'. yes, it is a hint. and just to make sure it wasn't too childish, we've disguised it as a cute little ambient advert for sappi recycling. with the lovely little line: bekhoz your first idea is never your best.

apologies if all this isn't entirely clear in the vid, we whacked it together in a moment, and figured we'd let the write up make it less bizarre. hope it did.

oh, we'll pop this on youtube soon, vega's just being a power fail with the internet atm, and appears to have shut down youtube. flickr will have to do for now.
love mong


i beat kyle at fifa 09 today

here it is, finished, the labour of a campaign and alot of time between coming up with creative concepts and smoking cigarettes

oh yes it was for arup engineering, and its small chad wil fix it later

- chad has fixed it.

oh creds where they're due: backing track = foals, big big love (fig. 2), off antidotes.
and the magnificent voice over is by mr. mnet (real name to follow soon)

- thanks chad
- you're a darling
- hope your not too ill
- have a safe flight home
- im at college
- its lame


from july at august in september

lollyenter the ninja

a few images from the exhibition nick and jaz (fill in the blanks - they're linked under the soviets, stop reading this and go there instead) had at august house in early july.

they're super grainy, but i'll pretend it was the effect i was going for - fast film 'n all, what can one do.

hit one to go see some more at flickr

angie had a birthday


indeed she did - happy birthday yoh!

well got a few shots, there's a couple more on flickr - click any of these to go see them.

if you can actually be bothered, of course


ever get the feeling you just wanna kill yourself

we're now about.. +/- 6 days away from finishing campaigns and i think i might miss this whole "having a reason to welcome death", don't know why? could be all the late nights, bonding sessions, blurred vision, fits of rage and all the drama that goes with it

but before this starts sounding like steven spielberg's "saving private ryan" im going to be pretty excited for its end, because it's been fun but i literally feel like i'm about to turn into a zombie, kill and eat the flesh of every other student there is in this building



just campaigning around

so this is my next 'practice' the kinetic video that will hopefully go somewhere


also jesse is such a sharp sounding name, i'd rather be called charlie



infact i really have very little to say, the image is just doing it all for me.


paper machete

so i have a kinetic type video to do pretty soon, but i've never touched after effects before so this was the labour of an all-nighter just for practice

its not too great but at the same time i don't think is particularly disgusting


ambient media


the 1,2,3 guide to successful PR

watch out for a pennyfarthing...


kholkhoz envelope design illustration

so i was just like hey... this is a cool idea, and would look cool on a brown envelope when handing shit around for the kholkhoz, the idea was simple just a shit illustration with a clever little line of copy

and here you have the result, please comment and say things like hmm, your kerning sucks

Barack Celebrity

ever get the feeling like you just wanna cry

no, just me then

anyway devotchka; tsooper cool raait!


he does hand stands

this is o!ive, the most br00tal little crap

and he can pee an arc across a wall

standing on his front legs



so chad said oblique fonts aren't cool to use at all.. this was my attempt especially for him ;)


zer chiant eff projekt

so this was one of the most enjoyable projects we've worked on so far! have look for yourself and leave some commentary, we worked on it with an awesome friend, daniel mccauley and look forward to doing more thangs with that mother fool, you'll probably see some more of him on the blog in posts to come :)

so yeah enjoy!

here's our main ad, in-case you thought our interview was lame

Zer Chiant Eff Projekt
Zer Chiant Eff

some production stills from zer chiant eff projekt, our tv spots for the saps

the guerilla billboard we stole at vega and our br00tal! cop, musi

click on them to go see some others on flickr

...and watch our vids above this. now.

yes, watch them again if you have already.

fifteen rand gel pens


are the shit, they're cheap, you get six, and you can draw with them

twin towers

twin towers

something i did for this photography brief last year, it's meant to depict the flaming twin towers as a fashion poster for iron fist 'fabricated violence'

besides, thought i better post it before someone totally plagiarises it... actually i might be too late

jes says hey

jes says hey

just wanted to annoy rob quickly by br00tal!sing his desktop a while back

pizza way out


...and to match jes on posts, this is my easy way out.

why not? it's pizza. br00tal.

and totally homemade - with organic flour and all (what a liberal i am)

"Biko Hold On"

Hector Pieterson

Chris Hani

Steve Biko

This was my print campaign for the IEC earlier this year, I just based on typography cause I guess it was an easy way out at the time

sometimes the easy way out pays off

Coffee tables are design too.

hey i found this sick design for a coffee table today :) thought this companies design things were pretty rad check it! I'm thinking about making some of my own



it's type

yes it is

kings of iron


the organic show at the dome a while back and p'n'p were there maxing it to the ironic max

are you serious?

the commissars

this is a total crock that jes wanted me to put up and write something about; it's us, it's shit, don't judge me


eerste pos

So this is pretty much it.. the blog we've been wanting to start for about a year or two or three? Not sure which time period we're prepared to settle on but it's all good don't stress it's here now! so for our first post we're steering clear of work, not because we want to but purely because this is way better and we dont have any work available right now...fuck.

but this headline is pretty ratard. so here we go. so much for an eerste pos