i know all about the crimea

well i was gonna pop the pics i took for jesse's istd project up. but i see he's already put the whole lot up. anyway, since i've loaded them onto flickr (and bandwidth should never be wasted after all) here's a few other ones i took on the day/night.




the other shots i took are also on flickr, but you've probably seen them on the posters below so i won't bore you again here.


istd 2010

these were my typographic posters for this years istd, i know right? no typography but your smart kids im sure you can work it all out, if anyone needs an explanation let me know, oh and please click on the poster if you want to see it BIGGER and with a readable bunch of text for each one... (theres three more on flickr) they're really big so i had to scale down for the blog sorry. seriously though just click on them

how it works
without you
drive me far


199, 999

200 000

well. i hate my life.
but dillon's car did hit 200,000 km's the other day.