some things i've learnt

you can't symbolise the non-existent.

lollipops and ice-cream heal wars and create ghettos.

two heartbeats aren't enough to live, but are really all we need.

trees in a forest can't feel the breath of the mime on their bark.

death only visits the living.

and some people will always hate you. no matter how hard you try. even if you save the rhino, they'll still find a reason to hate you.


  1. the irony of this post is it is April 1st. So I don't know whether to read it without sipping on a big ol' glass of disbelief.

    But on one point I must disagree. How else do trees lose their leaves if the breath of the mime doesn't make their spines shiver and shake them in their core?

    and stop trying. people only have two reasons to hate someone else. They see something about themselves that they do not like in you. They see something in you that they envy but instead of embracing and learning from you they run. Okay maybe three. Because the person violated them in an abusive manner - BUT i'm pretending that this is not one such situation.

    I don't think hate exists though because the body has the same physiological responses to hate as it has to love... but I don't know about love either there. I will concede to passion. The latin word passio has a mix of hate and love in it, a deep struggle linked inside of it. It's such a rich all encompassing and honest word - passion.

    BUT I think apathy is the worst. I mean in all the range of emotions that one could feel. (Mainly because you don't know you're feeling it)I think I would be more sad if someone felt apathy toward me. If they "hated" me, at least they saw and acknowledged I was there and I mattered enough for them to emote.

  2. this is so brilliant. oh wow! so brilliant!